Eponia Gifts was established in 2004 and is based on the Surf Coast in Torquay, Australia.
It is the home of Art by V animal artwork.
Eponia also stocks animal and nature themed sterling silver jewellery.


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Meaning of the name Eponia

‘Eponia’ is derived from the name Epona. It originates from the Gaulish word ‘epos’ meaning horse. It is thought that ‘pony’  comes from this name. Epona was the goddess of horses, animals and fertility. She is usually portrayed surrounded by horses,  feeding foals or riding a horse.

Worshiped since the Iron Age by the Gauls; Epona was later adopted by the Roman Cavalry. She had a shrine in almost every stable of the Roman Empire. On December 18th an annual festival was held in her honour.

Epona is often depicted with a Cornucopia (“horn of plenty”). This is a symbol of the land and fertility. Some believe she was originally a  nature – mother goddess. Possibly the first mother goddess of the Picts and the Celts. She has also been identified with the Celtic  goddess Rhiannon.